How much do child injury lawyers cost?

If your child has been injured in an accident and you are looking to hire an attorney to help you out in you fight against the insurance company, then you probably need to know how much a good lawyer is going to cost you. Unlike almost every other kind of lawyer, who requires money up front, child injury lawyers do not charge any money at the beginning of the case. Instead, the standard contract calls for the attorney to receive a percentage of the overall recovery. That means at the end of the case the lawyer gets a portion of the final settlement or jury result. The typical fee is one third of the recovery.

The child injury lawyer you hire will usually also pay for all the case expenses up front and will be reimbursed those expenses at the end of the case.

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What if the case doesn't pan out?

Then the lawyer gets absolutely nothing the child injury attorney will not get a fee and does not get their expenses paid back. This obviously puts a lot of risk on the lawyer, so your child injury lawyer has a big incentive to win the case.

So is it worth it to hire a lawyer for your child injury case? Usually, if your child’s injuries are serious or if their medical bills are in excess of $5,000, it makes financial sense to hire a lawyer.
If you have questions about the cost to hire a child injury lawyer; feel free to contact the Anderson Law Firm and schedule a free case review. These are no obligation meetings and we don't charge a thing to answer your questions.

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