Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) Police Department Accident Reports

The Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) is a public transportation system which provides bus and rail services within downtown Dallas and several other surrounding cities in the DFW including Addison, Carrollton, Cockrell Hill, Dallas, Farmers Branch, Garland, Glenn Heights, Highland Park, Irving, Plano, Richardson, Rowlett, and University Park.


If you or a member of your family was injured in an accident which either took place on DART owned property, or which involved a DART owned or operated vehicle, there is a very good chance that the official police report would be completed by a member of the DART police department.


As with many other police departments in the Dallas-Fort Worth region, the DART PD makes their accident reports available for download online. To search for available accident reports, click here. If the report you are searching for is not yet publically available on the internet, you may request it here.


It is worth noting that the law enforcement power granted to DART Police officers is subordinate to the law enforcement power of any municipality’s own dedicated police force. This is important to remember because if you were involved in an auto collision in Irving, for example, any crash report filed by an Irving PD officer would overrule any DART PD report. Similarly, if your car wreck or other injury incident involved a DART vehicle or employee, it is important to get an unbiased Texas Peace Officer’s Crash Report Completed by a member of the relevant city’s police department, rather than by a DART officer.


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