A Garbage Truck Hit Me: Now What?

Dallas-Fort Worth's garbage truck fleet is massive - it has to be. It's no small task traveling to millions of homes week after week collecting trash, and while we're thankful for the service, it comes with one major downside: wrecks. 

Garbage Truck Wrecks are Like 18-Wheeler Wrecks

We all know to give tractor trailers plenty of space to maneuver through our roads and highways. After all, no one wants to get caught to close to a big rig making a wide right-hand turn. And yet, the same courtesy isn't often given to garbage trucks, even though garbage trucks are just as likely to cause serious wrecks due to their limited visibility and large size.

Be Aware of Garbage Truck Hazards 

Wide Turns and Frequent Stops

We all know that garbage trucks stop frequently. Keep a safe distance at all times.

Mechanical Problems

Garbage trucks have a ton of moving parts. Be aware of your surroundings and drive defensively if there seems to be a problem with the garbage truck. 

Falling Trash

Much like a dump truck, garbage trucks can lose material from their beds. If you are driving near a garbage truck while they are on their route, make sure to keep a safe distance.

Limited Visibility

Much like semi trucks, garbage trucks have very limited visibility. If you are driving or walking near a garbage truck, be aware of their blind spots directly behind and to the right of the truck. 

What to Do After a Garbage Truck Wreck

Obtain Your Police Report

A police report will not only hold your information, it will also hold the complete information of the driver that was conducting the garbage truck. This is vital, since it will show what company the driver works for and can bring the driver’s record into account. Also, a police report can note if you have been medically injured as a result of the crash. By noting the setting of the accident, detailing how the accident took place, and getting information from possible witnesses, it can be a strong, well-document indicator of what actually happened.  In short, a police report is great evidence to use when filing your claim. 

Capture the Accident

Take lots of pictures of the accident, damages to both vehicles and your injuries. Pictures strengthen a case by proving how badly you were injured, who was at fault for the wreck, the conditions of the road, etc. 

Bringing it Together

Getting into a wreck with a garbage truck isn't like wrecking with another passenger vehicle, since garbage trucks are owned by the city and operated by city employees. Because of this, I'd advise you to hire a personal injury attorney to help you sort through your legal rights and the city's requirements for filing a claim. 

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