Research Children’s Toys Before Buying Anything

Few things are as joyful as the look in your child's eyes when they get something they have been desperately wanting. However, not every toy is a good idea, and many toys can be potentially dangerous for your kids. Make sure you know what you are buying before you shop for toys. Being informed is very important, make sure to stay up to date with toys that have been recalled.

Check For Age Group

One of the biggest tools for toy safety is age group rating. Buying a toy for your child's appropriate age range helps to ensure that it is safe for your child. For example, buying a toy designed for older children can be dangerous to your child if it contains pieces small enough to present a choke hazard, or a number of other common hazards.

Look for toys appropriate to your child's age range, and avoid buying toys outside the age range unless you're positive your child can handle it, and you are willing to restrict its use to times when you are available to supervise.

Read Product Reviews, If Possible

Product reviews can be a great source for whether or not a given toy is safe. Parents tend to be more vigilant than the average user about whether or not a product for kids meets its intended purpose or poses potential safety hazards. Check popular review sites to find out more about the toys your kids want. If a toy is poorly reviewed or has a known safety hazard, you might want to find an alternative that you can purchase.

Look Out For Common Hazards

You can also use some common sense to avoid potential hazards when you are shopping for toys. Small children typically like to put things in their mouths, so avoid toys that have small pieces that could become a choke hazard. Likewise, if you have small children, look out for toys with sharp edges that could cut or injure your child.

For older children, beware of things like chemistry sets or electrical kits that can cause injury when used incorrectly. Make sure your child only uses these items under adult supervision. Also, buy products intended for your child's appropriate age range; not older, as those products have more potential to be dangerous.

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