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The Dallas-Fort Worth Anderson Law Firm Handles Diminished Value Claims for Our Clients

diminished value claim car wreck, how to calculate diminished valueIf your car was damaged in an accident, it's worth less than a car with no collision history. That's diminished value, and you should be compensated fairly for it.

Unfortunately, insurance companies don't like to pay out for diminished value. When we handle accident injury claims for our clients, we handle everything - including ensuring that they're paid fairly for their vehicle's diminished value.

If you've had trouble with the insurance company and want to discuss your options, call or live chat us now.

The Law on Diminished Value in Texas

Texas law says that you must disclose any accident history when you sell a car. Usually, car buyers aren't willing to pay full price for a car that's been in a serious accident. The reason for this is that any potential buyer is inevitably going to consider your car of lesser value since they are aware that your vehicle has previously been involved in a collision - even if your car displays no obvious damages.

Other common examples of diminished value in automobiles include repair-related diminished value, where work done by the repair shop was flawed (e.g. color match problems) or claim related diminished value (where an insurance company refused to pay for all necessary repairs).

How The Anderson Law Firm Can Help

There are three simple reasons to call the Anderson Law Firm about your diminished value claim:

  • We offer free consultations
  • You pay nothing upfront and nothing at all until we've won you fair compensation
  • We ensure you avoid costly mistakes when dealing with the insurance company
  • We'll set you up with local body shops to fix your car properly in order to minimize diminished value
  • If your car or truck should be totaled, we'll ensure the insurance company doesn't force you to keep it anyway
  • We'll connect you with reliable appraisers who will be willing to defend you in court, if need be
  • We won't fall for the insurance company's trick to delay, deny or deceive you

If you've been hurt in your accident and choose to hire the Anderson Law Firm, we don't just handle your injury claim; we handle everything, including your lost wage claim, your loss of life enjoyment compensation, and yes, your diminished value claim.

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