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Driver Ran a Red Light and Hit My Car | Who's At Fault?

driver ran a red light accidentTraffic cameras have been increasingly visible on the intersections of busy roads since they were implemented. The main goal of this type of camera is to take a picture of a vehicle that has violated some sort of traffic rule, such as running a red light or not stopping before turning right when the light is red; once the picture is taken, it is sent (alongside the video footage) to its corresponding police department, where an officer reviews the footage. If the driver did not make the traffic violation, then the file is simply dismissed. On the other hand, if the person did make a traffic violation, they can expect a letter in the mail a couple of weeks later detailing how to pay the fine (typically around $75), as well as the consequences for not paying the fine. Other than being a technological method of deterring people from running a red light, it also serves as a method of car accident prevention.

Drivers that run red lights are at risk of crashing against other vehicles, and when this happens, injuries can occur. Running a red light is something that is very dangerous, especially considering the speeds that those that run the red light are traveling in. For example, if the speed limit is 40 miles per hour and a driver increases their speed to 50 or 55 miles per hour, it could be a significant amount of force if it strikes another vehicle. If you were the victim of an accident caused by someone that ran a red light, this may be a painful and confusing time for you. One of the main steps (perhaps the most important) in a personal injury case is determining who was at-fault for the accident. So, how do you know who was at-fault for your accident that was caused by running a red light?

How to Know Who Is At-Fault

To begin, what does the term “at-fault” mean? This is simply another way of saying who was responsible for causing the accident. The person with the “fault” of the accident would be liable (more specifically, their insurance company) for the medical bills that an injured victim suffers. In other words, the person that ran a red light would be considered at-fault for the wreck. When a personal injury claim is created, it is directed to the at-fault party’s insurance company. For example, if a driver ran a red light and T-boned another driver, the insurance company of the driver that ran the red light would receive a personal injury claim. Their insurance company would be responsible for representing their client (their insured driver) against the medical bills that the accident victim is claiming.

For this reason, we would represent you against the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Unlike other accidents where the fault may not be immediately clear, running a red light is running a red light; in other words, there is little doubt as to the actual cause of the accident (unlike accidents that are caused by weather conditions, for example). Furthermore, things such as speeding or texting and driving can be seen in accidents where a driver ran a red light, so it is important to determine exactly how the accident occurred, as well as the factors that contributed to it.

As discussed in the next section, things like video footage from a red light camera can help in your personal injury claim. Evidence serves as an important piece of information used to prove a point, and in a personal injury claim it is used to prove that you had no fault in the accident whatsoever.

Evidence: Why It Matters

One of the first things that we ask for is a copy of the crash report. On a crash report, the police officer that went to the scene will have listed the names of the drivers and passengers involved in the wreck, where the accident occurred, and who caused the accident. Things such as if the driver was on their phone and got distracted or if the driver was drunk driving can appear on a crash report, which makes it even more important. This not only tells us who is at-fault for the wreck, it also helps with your case. Similarly, witness testimonies from other drivers, passengers, or bystanders who witnessed the accident can be used in your case to further solidify your case.

A crash report and witness testimony can be key components of the evidence that will take part in your case. These key pieces of information, with video camera footages, a copy of the at-fault driver’s driving record, and other types of evidence are very important in a personal injury claim. When we establish that the other driver was at-fault for your accident, there is nothing the other driver’s insurance company can do but to provide a settlement offer to cover for your accident.

Camera Footage

A key component in building your case’s credibility is getting camera footage from the traffic light cameras at the intersection where your accident took place. The Anderson Law Firm’s legal team can submit a subpoena for the camera footage that captured your accident. If you attempt to get this footage on your own, it may take paperwork for you to get it. On the other hand, when you bring your case to us we take care of getting all relevant evidence, including camera footage.

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Being injured in an accident caused by another driver running a red light can turn your world upside down. From missing work to dealing with the insurance company to figuring out how you will pay for your medical bills, a personal injury can be a burden, but it does not have to be with the help of the Anderson Law Firm.

When we take your case, we take on every part of your personal injury claim. This includes dealing with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, providing you the way to for you to receive medical treatment without paying out-of-pocket upfront, and perhaps most importantly, winning you the settlement you deserve for your accident-related expenses. These expenses can go above $50,000 just including your medical bills. You were the victim of the accident, why would you have to pay for the negligence of someone else?

If you have any questions about your potential case, please feel free and contact our law firm today. The legal team at the Anderson Law Firm is ready to take on your case so you do not have to worry about anything but recovering.

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