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There are many different things which must be taken into consideration what evaluating the overall amount of compensation that you might be entitled to after being seriously injured in a motor vehicle collision or other accident. The most obvious elements are any medical expenses you’ve incurred, any lost income you’ve experienced as a result of being unable to work, and any physical pain that you have suffered.


Less obvious, but equally crucial in determining the full and fair damages you are entitled to under Texas law is the overall effect that being injured has had on your life. To a large extent, this effect is intangible. That is, it cannot be easily proved by documentation in the same way that medical costs can be proven by medical bills. The damages owed to you as a result of the effect your injuries have had on your life are intangible, but that doesn’t make them any less significant or relevant.


When evaluating your effect-on-life damages, it is necessary to consider all ways in which your accident affected you. Most of the time, accident victims don’t fully consider this until after they have finished treating. A far better strategy, assuming you’re reading this early enough in your case, is to keep a diary listing out every way in which your life has been impacted as a result of being injured – no matter how seemingly minor an inconvenience it might be.


Common ways in which one’s life is affected by an injury is that they cannot do the routine household chores they did previously. The effect on your life might include such things as the following:

  • Not being able to mow the lawn
  • Not being able to take out the trash by yourself
  • Having to hire someone to clean your house on a weekly basis


The full scope of the ways in which your injuries have impacted your life and your life of those around you should extend far beyond household chores, however. Anything – personal pleasures included - that you have missed out on due to your injuries is of relevance. Here are some more possible examples:

  • Not being able to play on the floor with your young children
  • Not being able to push them on the swing at the playground
  • Not being able to take the dog for a walk
  • Not being able to play basketball
  • Not being able to take a planned vacation
  • Not being able to attend a relative’s wedding


You get the picture. Document everything. Your lawyer will be able to help you determine what items are relevant when it comes to making your claim (i.e. what damages the liable insurance company will actually pay for).


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