Eye Injuries Caused by Motor Vehicle Accidents

Injuries sustained in car, motorcycle, and commercial truck wrecks in the Dallas-Fort Worth area can often be catastrophic. But among all the spinal fractures, traumatic brain injuries, and loss of limbs, injuries to the eye often get little mention which seems strange considering that impaired vision or blindness caused by a motor vehicle accident is just as life-changing as any of these other physical injuries.
Automobile occupants can suffer eye injuries due to a number of factors including striking the steering wheel (in the driver’s case), dashboard or a seatback (in a passenger’s case), or being hit in the face by material such as glass-splinters from the windshield, glass or metal from the individual’s own eye-glasses, or other foreign bodies.
Eye injuries may also occur as a result of a air bag. During airbag deployment, foam particles are released that have been linked to eye trauma. According to a study conducted at Virginia Tech, car occupants exposed to a deploying airbag are more likely to sustain an eye injury than in cases where they were not exposed to a deploying airbag.
Eye injuries resulting from car, motorcycle, and commercial truck crashes may involve damage to the eyelids, lacrimal canaliculi, orbital wall, conjunctiva, cornea, sclera and the extra-ocular muscles. Damage sustained in auto collisions may result in prolapse of uveal tissue, vitreous loss, traumatic cataract, retinal detachment, vitreous haemorrhage, choroidal rupture, optic nerve avulsion, ruptured globe, or orbital fracture.
In addition to the risk of loss of eyesight caused by an automobile eye injury, in certain types of injury (such as an eye socket fracture) there is the additional risk of long-term or permanent facial disfigurement occurring.

Eye Socket Fractures (Orbital Fracture)

The bones the surround the eye and are intended to protect are collectively known as the eye socket or orbit. However, when the eye or the orbit itself is exposed to a traumatic force strong enough, it can result in an orbital fracture.
A particularly notable subcategory of orbital fracture is a trapdoor fracture. A trapdoor fracture can cause the muscle that moves the eye down to become trapped.
Symptoms and signs of eye sockets fractures include:
·       Pain
·       Numbness
·       Decreased vision
·       Double vision
·       Vomiting
·       Nausea
·       Bruising and swelling
·       Bleeding
·       Trouble moving the eye
·       The eye either bulges out or appears sunken in

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