Money Matters: Long-Term Financial Debt as a Result of Being Injured in an Accident

Nobody wants to be in an accident. Depending on the individual circumstances it can mean expensive property damage to your vehicle, life-changing injuries such as brain trauma or amputation, not to mention pain, suffering and a loss of enjoyment of life. Personal injury lawyers are generally regarded negatively in the general public's perception, but what most people fail to understand are the long-term financial implications of being injured in a car wreck or other kind of accident. Board certified attorney Mark Anderson has been helping injury victims throughout Dallas-Fort Worth avoid bankruptcy and credit problems since 1991. 

The most obvious cost which comes to mind when you think about being injured are the doctor bills for your treatment. Even if you have good health insurance, the cost of extended hospitalization can be enormous. Depending on the nature of your injuries, there may also be significant future medical expenses which should be taken into consideration. This might include years of physical therapy, visits to the chiropractor's, or numerous other costs. A good PI lawyer will be able to help you find all available insurance policies against which you can claim to make sure you get all of your expenses covered.

It is also important that you think about how the injuries will affect you in your day to day life long after the accident. Most people are forced to take at least some time off work to recover for their injuries, but in some situation you may not ever be able to return to work. Texas law provides you with the right to seek compensation for any lost wages, salary of other income that you might miss out on because of your injuries. These are damages you are entitled to even if you have a personal life insurance or long-term disability policy.

For more information on the damages you are entitled to, and the problems you may encounter while making a claim for compensation, please contact us for a complimentary copy of Mark's book 15 Mistakes That Will Wreck Your Texas Accident Case.

It is critical that you understand your accident will have long term implications on your life beyond the immediate future, because once you accept a settlement check from the negligent party's insurance company you forfeit all rights to any additional money. Don't trust the insurance adjuster: their goal is to get away with paying you as little money as possible. You need to consult with an experienced attorney who has a proven track record of winning clients the full justice they deserve, and who understands both the needs and rights of accident injury victims.

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