Five Important Things to Help You with Your Injury Claim

1. Go To The Doctor As Soon As Possible

The simple rule is if you are hurt, go to the doctor. If you try to be a hero and tough it out, you will be penalized by the insurance company later on for not immediately getting checked out. The length of time between the date of the accident and the first doctor’s appointment should be as little as possible. Again, if you are hurt, go to the doctor!


2. Go To The Best Doctor For Your Injuries

If you don’t go immediately to the hospital, your first instinct will probably be to see your primary care doctor. In many cases, your injuries will require specific medical providers—maybe a chiropractor, a physical therapist, pain management specialist or an orthopedic doctor. At my firm, we help our clients locate the appropriate type of doctor.


3. Attend All Doctor’s Appointments

Skipping appointments or failing to complete recommended treatment just gives insurance companies more room to penalize you later and compensate you less. Also, you may not heal as fast, or even at all, if you don’t follow doctors’ orders.


4. Don’t Be Fooled By Insurance Companies

Treat conversations with adjusters as you would interviews with reporters. Everything is on the record and anything you say can and will be used against you in an attempt to compensate you less for your injuries. Don’t be tricked into thinking adjusters are your friends, so keep your guard up. I advise not to give a recorded statement unless an injury attorney fighting for you says it’s alright to give one. Please read my thoughts on.


5. Document your claim

It’s not just a cliché, pictures tell a thousand words. Take photographs of your damaged car, your injuries and of the accident scene. Anything that might be relevant is worth taking a picture of. Also, keep copies of all your past pay stubs, medical bills and records and witness names, along with their contact information. If it relates to your accident or injury, keep it!

Free Consultation

These five things will help you with your claim, but the best way to approach your injury claim is to hire a Board Certified Personal Injury Lawyer to help you. For a free consultation with an experienced injury attorney, please call the Anderson Law Firm at 817-294-1900 or Contact Us Online.


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