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burn injuryPeople that have suffered burn injuries from an accident can tell you how painful the injury can be. When we typically talk about personal injuries, we discuss common injuries such as broken bones, strained muscles, and sore backs. Although these are perhaps the most talked about, there are other painful injuries that can and have occurred from different types of accidents. Burn injuries are a unique type of injury because of how the injury affects the body, as well as the post-burn recovery that may take time to complete.

At the Anderson Law Firm, we take on cases where injured accident victims have suffered burn injuries. We don’t only take burn injuries from automobile accidents; we take cases surrounding work injuries, explosions, and any other accident where the victim was burned because of the negligence of another party.

Types of Burns

Burn injuries can be classified in three main categories: a first-degree burns, second-degree burns, and third-degree burns. Each “degree” of burn injury involves its own subset of injury type, as well as how the corresponding burn affects the victim’s body. Let’s discuss these.

First-Degree Burns

To start off the severity of burns, first-degree burns are perhaps the least serious of the three. First-degree burns are burns where only the epidermis - or the outer layer of the skin - is burned. Although they may hurt, first-degree burns can typically heal in 3-6 days without the occurrence of scarring. A doctor that takes a look at a first-degree burn might give their patient a general antibiotic or soothing lotion to help with the healing process.

As far as the physical aspect of the burn, the skin usually appears red or swollen and may or may not involve blisters.

Second-Degree Burns

Next on the list are second-degree burns. While first-degree burns only affect the epidermis, second-degree burns affect the epidermis and the superficial dermis, or the outer layer of the skin below the epidermis. These burns are more severe and can leave a burn victim with severe pain. After 1-3 weeks, however, the burn can be healed. For this reason, getting medical help after burns is essential in order to avoid risks and complications.

A subset of second-degree burns are deeper second-degree burns that are not severe enough to be classified as third-degree burns. These burns are called deep second-degree burns. In deep second-degree burns, most skin appendages are destroyed and the healing process might take more than 3 weeks with the possibility of scarring.

These types of burns can leave the skin appearing white, dry, and less elastic. Also, second-degree burns can thicken skin.

Third-Degree Burns

The most severe type of burn in this category are third-degree burns. These burns burn through the epidermis, dermis, and can even burn muscles tissue and bone. These burns may not heal, and severe scarring can take place.

Due to the severity of the burn, a body area that has experienced a third-degree burn can be left discolored, and hair follicles, tissue, sweat glands, and muscles can become damaged as well.

Which Accidents Cause Burn Injuries?

While many of us think of getting burned on a stove or touching a hot pan as the cause of a burn, there are many different types of accidents that can lead to serious burns, as will be discussed below.

Car Accidents

Vehicles can catch fire in a car accident. While there are people that have escaped cars that have caught fire, there are others that have not been able to get out of their crumbled car and have experienced serious burns. Once firefighters or emergency personnel are able to get the car accident victims out of their vehicle, serious burns can have taken place - even if they were in the vehicle for less than one minute.

Car accidents can catch fire for many reasons, such as:

  • The engine caught fire
  • The airbag caught fire
  • The electronics inside of the vehicle caught fire
  • The gas tank caught fire
  • The vehicle hit another object (such as a light post) and caught fire

Injured victims of car accidents who have suffered burn injuries can claim compensation for their accident-related expenses and for any scarring or disfigurement that was caused because of the burn.

Work Accidents

Work accidents can leave very serious burn injuries. Due to the nature of certain jobs, there may be chemicals such as chlorine, ammonia, bleach, and even battery acid that can cause very serious burns if they catch fire. Workers in the electrical or construction field can suffer burns caused by being electrocuted as well. Also, if machinery catches fire, whether it is a hand-operated machine or a crane, a personal injury suit could be filed against the company and the machine’s manufacturer.


Perhaps the most obvious source of burn injuries, explosions can cause serious burn injuries that require immediate medical attention. Even more, explosions can occur anywhere, such as living dwellings, shopping stores, and restaurants. Explosions can be caused by anything from gas line fractures to overloaded gas tanks. A difference between explosions and other types of accidents is that explosions can happen at any given time with little to no warning.

Why Hire the Anderson Law Firm?

If you have been the victim of a burn injury and are looking for an attorney to represent, look no further. The attorneys and legal team at the Anderson Law Firm are here to take on your case. We make sure you get the medical help you need without you having to pay for it out-of-pocket. We take on the insurance company and make sure you get a settlement that covers for all of  your accident-related expenses. We help schedule your appointments so all you have to worry about is one thing: recovering. If you have any questions about your burn injury case or would like to contact with a member of our legal team, please do not hesitate in giving us a call.

Experiencing a burn injury is something not to be taken lightly. We understand you are in great pain and you may have missed time from work because of your burn injury. At the Anderson Law Firm, we make sure you recover any medical expenses you may have, as well as lost wages from time taken to care for your injury. Please feel free to contact us to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation with a member of our legal team today.

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