Auto Accidents Caused by Driver Inattention

As a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer, I am well aware of the fact that too many traffic collisions are caused by driver inattention. Auto accidents involving motorcycles are a prime example of this – most drivers of cars and trucks simply neglect to watch out for motorcyclists, so they change lanes or turn across their path simply out of driver inattention.


Driver inattention, of course, is driver negligence. If you or someone you love has been injured in a Fort Worth area car crash which was caused by a motorist who was not paying attention, then you deserve to be fairly compensated for any injuries or damages you may have suffered.


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Driver Inattention is Extremely Dangerous

When you are driving a motor vehicle, your attention should be on the road ahead. If you are distracted or allow you mind to wander, you increase your risk of either being involved in or caused a car wreck. Distracted driving is a huge contributor to wrecks involving driver inattention, and some of the major causes of distracted driving accidents in Fort Worth include:

  • Talking on a cellphone
  • Sending/reading text messages
  • Eating food or drinking
  • Smoking
  • Loose pet in the vehicle
  • Talking with children in the back seat
  • Adjusting audio or climate controls
  • Reaching into purse or glove compartment
  • Talking with passengers


Unfortunately, driver inattention can simply arise from the driver daydreaming or letting their mind wander. Millions of commuters travel the same routes throughout DFW on a daily basis. Many arrive at work each day and realize they can’t remember any specifics of their journey – they have made the trip entirely on auto pilot. That is very scary – it’s no wonder that serious car accident causing injuries and fatalities occur as frequently as they do.


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