Compensation Due to Injury Victims in a Texas Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you have been hurt in some sort of accident here in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area, then you have the right to make a personal injury claim. Injury claims from car accidents are the most common types of claims, but many people also are injured on the job or through other types of motor vehicle collisions, such as motorcycle wrecks and truck accidents.

State Law in Texas allows you to recover for your damages.  Basically, there are three main components to those recoverable damages. 

Lost Wages

As far as the lost wages, you can recover this element of damages for the wages you have lost in the past and in the future if your medical condition requires you to miss work in the future. You will need to have proof that you actually missed out on the wages, but that proof is usually easy to obtain through pay stubs, payroll records or tax returns. You will also need a doctor to verify that you missing work was necessary dur to your injuries.

Medical Expenses

With regard to medical expenses, you can recover for your reasonable and necessary medical bills in the past as well as in the future as long as you have a doctor to estimate those damages for you.  You have a right to recover for your medical bills even if you are fortunate to have health insurance.

Pain and Suffering

The pain and suffering is the most important part of your injury claim.  It is the part that’s intangible--it’s hard to describe and sometimes it’s hard to prove, but it’s very, very important part of every injury claim or lawsuit.  Often times family members are the best ones to help the jury or the insurance company understand what sort of pain, and overall ordeal, the hurt person went through.  It is extremely important for the injured person, and their lawyer, to come up with all ways that the wreck or the accident has affected the injured person’s life. 

Other Damages

If you suffer scarring or disfigurement, then you have a right to recover money for that. Also, if you have impairment, that is something that you can seek and recover compensation for. Each case is different, so each case may have a different set of specific damages.

In every case, at the Anderson Law Firm we analyze our client’s specific condition and assert all of the damages that we are legally entitled to recover. We then come up with all of the appropriate evidence to provide to the insurance company or to the jury to make sure that every element of damages is recovered for our clients.

If you want to discuss your case and hear how we view your specific damages, just give us a call for a free, no obligation case review.

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