Fort Worth Child Safety: Finger in Door Injuries at Daycare

As a Fort Worth child injury attorney, I know that a lot of times children are injured while they are outside the care of their parents – for example; at school, at a day care or child care facility, at a church daycare or mother’s day out program.


One of the most common ways in which a young child can be injured is by getting their finger caught in a closing door. Unfortunately finger pinch injuries are commonly regarded as trivial injuries, but a lot of the time they are extremely serious. If your son or daughter has suffered a finger injury by getting their finger slammed in a door at daycare, then it is important that you consult with a board certified Fort Worth finger injury lawyer.


The most serious finger in door accidents occur when a child gets their finger stuck in the hinge side of a door. The pressure which is exerted on their finger at this area is around 40 tons per square inch – more than enough to break their bones and cause lasting damage to their finger. In a lot of the child finger injury cases I’ve handled, the finger was amputated as a result of the injury.


Winning Your Child’s Finger Injury Cases Against the Day Care

In order to be successful in your child injury claim, it is important that you hire an experienced Fort Worth personal injury attorney who is able to prove that the daycare facility was negligent in causing your child’s injury. Given the regularity with which finger-in-door incidents occur – and the severity of the injuries which result – a day care must be considered negligent if they did not take every precaution to prevent such accidents from occurring.


Here are some questions to consider:

  • Has the day care facility performed a sufficient risk assessment with regards to potential child injuries – and finger in door injuries in particular?
  • Did the day care facility fit all their doors (access doors, classroom doors, restroom doors, the janitor’s door) with adequate safety measures to prevent accidents?
  • Are all the doors in the day care manually operated or automatic? (Automatic doors are usually harder for young kids to open if they get their finger stuck.)
  • Are all the doors fitted with automatic door closers? (These ensure doors close slower, but pose the same hazards as automatically-operated doors.)
  • Are all the doors in the daycare fitted with latch-side high-density foam guards which stop the door from closing complete?
  • Most importantly – are all the doors in the daycare fitted with fitted with protective hinge guards which can prevent the most serious of all finger-in-door injuries?


Free Consultation with a Board Certified Child Injury Lawyer

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