Fair Compensation for a Drunk Driving Accident

The Fort Worth personal injury lawyers at the Anderson Law Firm have represented many drivers and car passengers who have been injured as a result of the negligent actions of a motorist who was driving while intoxicated. Being a victim of a drunk driving case is very frustrating.  Through no fault of your own, someone else chose to go out and drink and drive, which is obviously illegal.  We think that the act of drinking and driving is an act of gross negligence and we believe that all drunk driving cases are worth more than a normal car accident case.  We are very successful in convincing insurance companies of the value of drunk driving cases.

Proving Negligence in a DUI Car Accident

In order to win our clients the maximum compensation possible for your drunk driving wreck, we follow the criminal court proceeding very closely and make sure to obtain all relevant information used in the criminal proceeding which can also benefit our civil case. This evidence includes photographs, videotape taken from the in-car camera, booking videos, and all criminal records and judgments against the at fault driver.  Through a compilation of all of this evidence, we are able to convince first the insurance company and then ultimately the jury that the other driver was intoxicated at the time of the wreck.  Even if the other side tries to get around the drunk driving conviction by freely "admitting" that they were at fault for the accident, we still are successful in getting in evidence of the drunk driving conviction.

We believe that drunk driving cases are worth the maximum amount of the insurance carried by the drunk driver.  Whether the injuries caused to our client are serious or not, we believe the consequences of drunk driving are very serious.  Everything should be done to bring light to the seriousness of drunk driving cases.

Make the Drunk Driver Pay

Drunk driving accidents usually involve serious injuries. Many times, victims are left with mounting medical expenses and have to deal with facing property damage expenses. If you or someone was hurt in a drunk driving accident, being stuck with accident-related expenses does not have to be an option. By hiring a personal injury attorney, you will be placing the fight off your hands and onto a legal professional team. The attorneys and legal team at the Anderson Law Firm has a long history of representing victims of drunk driving accidents, and we make the drunk driver's insurance company (and the driver responsible for the accident) pay for any accident-related medical expenses as the result of the victim's injuries.

If you have been injured by a drunk driver and wish to discuss your legal rights, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.  We do not charge any money up front and only receive compensation when we are successful in winning the case for our clients. Speak to a board certified personal injury attorney today. Call toll free at 800-354-6275 or locally at 817-294-1900.

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