Being Treated Unfairly by My Insurance Company

“Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.” “Allstate. You’re in good hands.” These are just some of the most famous insurance company slogans which promise their customers that when an accident happens, their insurance company will take care of them. After all, this is why we buy insurance. Whether it’s through Farmers, Geico, Progressive, Fred Loya or The Harford, we expect that on those rare occasions we need to make a claim, we will be treated fairly and with dignity by our own insurance company. Unfortunately, when tragedy strikes, that is not always the case.
As a board certified personal injury and wrongful death lawyer, I have learned firsthand that insurance companies will do anything to protect their profits, even deny the legitimate claims brought by longstanding clients who have never missed a payment on their premiums. Sadly, accident victims are routinely abandoned by their insurance companies when they need them most. Such occasions typically involve the accident victim making a claim against their own uninsured motorist policy, either because the driver who hit them didn’t have any insurance or what insurance they did have was insufficient to cover all their necessary medical bills, lost income and other accident-related costs. When such a situation arises, accident victims are always thankful that they paid a few extra dollars a month to get uninsured motorist coverage. Unfortunately, very few realize how difficult a fight it will be to get their own insurance company to pay them the money they deserve.
Hiring a board certified Dallas-Fort Worth personal injury attorney is essential. If your insurance company is not treating your fairly, then an experienced lawyer will be necessary in order to get them to cooperate and pay you the full and fair damages you are entitled according to your insurance policy and Texas law. Another advantage to hiring an attorney, of course, is that no longer have to concern yourself with the stress of pursuing a claim. You have already suffered both physical and emotional trauma as a result of your crash and resulting injuries. You don’t need the hassle of battling the insurance company.
The personal injury and wrongful death lawyers at the Anderson Law Firm in Fort Worth have considerable experience in dealing with difficult insurance adjustors. Regardless of whether you’re making a claim against the at-fault driver’s insurance, your own UIM insurance, or both, we promise to aggressively pursue your claim in order to recover the maximum compensation possible. Call us today for a completely free, no obligation consultation. Call toll free at 800-354-6275 or locally at 817-294-1900.
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