Severe and Life-Threatening Injuries Suffered in Motorcycle Wrecks

Motorcyclists have very little protection against critical injuries in wrecks and may suffer severe and life-threatening injuries. 

Broken and Fractured Bones

If a motorcyclist gets into a wreck with a car or truck, broken bones are common. Sometimes a motorcyclist's bones will be crushed under the weight of their own motorcycle or the other vehicle, while other times the force of impact is enough to cause fractures. 

Compound, transverse, complete, incomplete, oblique and comminuted fractures are all very serious because they could each result in long term disability. Treatment for broken bones typically involves setting the bones and wearing a cast, although in some situations it may be necessary for open reduction fixation (ORIF) surgery.

It is not uncommon for motorcyclists who have suffered broken bones to require months of physical therapy.

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Blunt Force Trauma

A motorcyclist thrown from their ride will often suffer blunt force trauma as their body hits the hard steel of a car, truck or van, or the concrete of the road. Blunt force trauma can leads to injury to internal organs, like hemorrhaging. Individuals who have suffered blunt force trauma may be in critical condition and require intravenous therapy as part of the healing process.

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Spinal Cord Injuries

Sometimes, motorcyclists don’t even realize that they’ve suffered spinal injuries until months after their wreck. They usually only discover it after experiencing weeks of lingering neck or back which finally prompts them to seek a doctor. The most serious forms of spinal injuries can result in paralysis. Neck area spinal injuries can result in quadriplegia. Injuries lower down on the spine can result in paraplegia. Any form of lifelong paralysis can mean you will need full time assistance from a professional care giver.

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Brain Injuries

Very serious brain injuries caused by motorcycle accidents might not always be obvious on initial MRI scans, so additional neurological testing after some time has passed may be needed. Common head injury symptoms include nausea, dizziness, headaches, a ringing in the ears, short-term memory loss and aggressive behavior. Since closed head injuries are extremely common in motorcycle crashes, there may not be any physical evidence that the motorcyclist has suffered a serious injury.

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Why Some Injured Motorcyclists Seek Legal Help 

After an accident, motorcyclists can rack up thousands of dollars in medical bills. If the accident was not their fault, they should not be responsible for paying for these bills. 

In Texas, if you were injured in a motorcycle wreck and the accident was another driver's fault, you have a right to claim compensation not just for the damage to your motorcycle, but also for your medical bills, missed time from work, pain and suffering. 

Often, injured motorcyclists will hire a lawyer to represent them to make sure they're being treated fairly by the insurance company and to get them the full amount they need to pay their bills. 

As a Fort Worth motorcycle accident injury lawyer, I strongly recommend that if you have been involved in a multi-vehicle collision, you should get yourself thoroughly checked out by a medical professional. I am always happy to refer injured motorcyclists to doctors in your local area.
If you have been injured, please feel free to request a complimentary copy of my book Roadmap To Winning Your Texas Motorcycle Accident Case or to call me to a no fee, no obligation consultation on your case. I can be reached toll free at 817-294-1900.
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