Motorcycle Accidents After Dark

As a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer, I know that motorcyclists are the most vulnerable people on the roads in and around DFW. Not only do they have no bodily protection other than what they’re wearing, they are commonly ignored by drivers of cars and trucks. Far too often, when a driver has hit a motorcyclist, their excuse is simply that they “didn’t see them.”


This is completely unacceptable. The reason that many motorists don’t see motorcycle riders until they’ve already hit them is simply that they aren’t looking out for them in the first place. In my experience as a Fort Worth injury attorney, almost every multi-vehicle collision involving a motorcyclist is the fault of the other driver. Car and pickup truck drivers make turns and change lanes without even thinking about watching out for motorcyclists.


As you might expect, the risk of a serious motorcycle crash caused by one of these negligent motorists is even worse at night. If drivers aren’t taking the time to beware of bikers during the daylight hours, then it’s even less likely at dusk or after dark when their general visibility is even worse.


No matter who you are, your ability to perceive and judge distance is significantly impaired while driving at night. There have been a number of studies that have concluded that driving in darkness impairs any driver’s ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.


Motorcyclists can take safety precautions such as wearing bright, reflective clothing and switching their headlights on at the first sign of twilight, but at the end of the day if they are hit by negligent motorist who wasn’t paying attention, the fault lies squarely with them – and the injured motorcycle operator (and their passenger) are entitled to make a claim for compensation.


The Increased Risk of Being Hit by a Drunk Increases at Night

Unfortunately for Dallas-Fort Worth motorcyclists, it’s not just the visual impairment of the evenings and night that increases the risk of a wreck after dark – statistics show that the number of alcohol-related collisions increases overnight too. According to TxDOT, there are an average of 58.5 DWI accidents between the hours of 6:00 pm and 6:00 am each day, compared with 11.1 drunk driver wrecks during daylight hours.


Of course, if you or someone you love was injured while riding a motorcycle, it doesn’t matter if the driver who hit them was intoxicated or not. If someone else was at fault, you have a legal right to make a claim for compensation against their insurance company.


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