Rollover Accidents Caused by Tire Blowouts

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Back in 2000, Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc. was forced to issue a recall for millions of defective tires after it was discovered that the tire tread was separating and causing SUVs to lose control and ultimately rollover.

While this is perhaps the most well-known tire recall, many U.S. tire manufacturing companies like Goodyear and Cooper have also experienced tire defectiveness. 

The Seriousness of Tire Malfunctions

Unfortunately, one serious result of tire blowouts are rollovers. When a car loses a tire, it causes an imbalance in weight that forces the vehicle's momentum to one side. This sudden shift can lead to a rollover. 

According to research by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration, passengers are 14 times as likely to die in a rollover accident as opposed to a wreck where the car stays on all four wheels. Vehicle rollovers are inherently dangerous; occupants are often crushed or ejected during rollover accidents, making them one of the most dangerous kinds of wrecks. 

Making a Claim After a Tire Blowout Leads to a Rollover

As a Fort Worth car wreck attorney, I know how devastating rollover accidents can be; they're responsible for more Texas fatalities than any other kind of auto wreck. What's worse is when the rollover was caused by a defective tire. These sorts of accidents are entirely preventable, if only the tire manufacturers do their due diligence. 

Since rollover accidents caused by a defective tire typically involve a claim against the vehicle manufacture, tire maker, tire distributor and the tire shop that installed the tire, the process tends to be complicated. 

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For that reason, I'd highly advise you to hire an experienced auto accident lawyer to aid in your claim. An attorney can help you build your case by gathering the evidence necessary to prove manufacturer negligence and by dealing with the insurance companies. 


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