Is Getting a Lawyer Worth It?

If you've been hurt in an accident in Texas, be it a car wreck, dog bite, slip and fall, or other, you're entitled to make a claim against the person who caused the accident. This is your chance to find justice and to recoup the costs of your medical bills, damages, missed wages, pain and suffering. So why should you give up some of that money (usually a third of the overall winnings) to a personal injury attorney? Why do so many people hire lawyers if they know they'll have to pay them? Why is it (or isn't it) worth it? 

Not Everyone Needs an Attorney

Let me start by saying that not everyone will benefit from hiring a lawyer. If your damages were small or you weren't hurt, for instance, then you can probably handle your claim on your own. The people who need an attorney are those who have the most to lose, particularly people who have wracked up thousands of dollars in medical bills. 

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Why Should I Pay a Lawyer Instead of Keeping the Money for Myself? 

The Insurance Research Council, an organization funded by the insurance industry, did some detailed research into this. Their findings showed that injury victims who had a lawyer recovered approximately 3.5 times more than individuals with similar injuries sustained in similar accidents who didn't have an attorney. 

The reasoning behind this is simple. First, lawyers are professionals. They know exactly how to build your case, gather evidence, interview witnesses, what to say (and not to say) to insurance adjusters, how to work with doctors to ensure your records are properly recorded, how to negotiate with the insurance company and - most importantly - what your case is truly worth. 

When you hire a lawyer, you're using an expert to value your case. If the insurance company gives a low offer - and they will - a lawyer will spot it and fight back. 

Let's Look at an Example

Using the logic of the findings in the study, let's look at Frank the motorcyclist. Frank gets into a wreck with another car and he goes to the hospital. He files a claim without a lawyer and walks away with $8,000. According to statistics, had Frank hired a lawyer, he could have walked away with $28,000 instead (3.5 times as much). After the attorneys fees are subtracted ($9,300) Frank would be left with about $18,700. 

Want a real example? We've got plenty. Head on over to our Case Results section to read stories about real clients and their actual settlements. 

Personal Injury Attorneys Don't Charge Upfront

And the initial consultation should be free. To learn more about how we're paid, visit our page on how much it costs to hire us. 

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