When Can You Figure Out a Case's Value?


As any good Texas personal injury attorney will tell you, it's almost impossible to estimate the value of your injury claim until you've ended medical treatment. 

Don't Settle Your Claim Too Soon

You should be wary about settling your claim too soon because once you settle, it's final. In personal injury claims, there's no such concept as "open medicals."  Open medicals mean that after you settle your case, the insurance company continues to pay your future medical bills. Unfortunately, this concept only applies to workers' compensation claims. In personal injury claims, once your case settles, you cannot force the insurance company to also pay for any additional medical care. 

Why It's Better to Wait

A few years ago I had a client (we'll call him Joe) who was hurt in a truck wreck. When Joe first hired my firm, he was going to physical therapy treatment for a hurt knee. Even though he'd also complained to his doctor about neck and shoulder pain, the doctor didn't seem too concerned and didn't treat those areas. 

Joe was in a hurry to wrap his case up. He was pressuring me to settle and just wanted to put it all behind him. So I called Joe to set up a meeting - I needed to explain to him why this was a bad idea. 

I convinced him to wait to close his case until he'd completely healed and finished with medical treatment. That way we'd know for sure the true value of his case. Joe agreed, and it turned out to be a major decision. 

Ultimately, Joe had to have surgery on his knee AND his shoulder and neck (even though the doctor ignored those areas at first!). This meant he needed another half a million dollars from the insurance company. If we had closed his case early like he wanted, he would have been stuck paying this on his own. 

Settlements are permanent and irreversible, and as you can see, waiting can pay off.

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