Motorcycle Wrecks Caused by Drivers Failing to Yield Right of Way

As a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer, I have handled many motorcycle accident insurance claims over the years. In almost every case, the wreck was not the fault of the bike rider, but rather another negligent motorist. Almost without exception the at-fault driver claimed that they did not see my client until it was simply too late to avoid a collision. Unfortunately for motorcyclists, other road users routinely ignore their presence and do not watch out for them. Too often, car and truck drivers remain unaware of motorcycles until a crash is inevitable.



The majority of the auto collisions I have experience with as a Fort Worth personal injury attorney are the result of a larger vehicle failing to yield right of way to a motorcyclist. There are three main common causes of such crashes:

Intersection Collisions

Motorcyclists are by no means the only road users at risk from being hit broadside by a negligent driver when crossing an intersection, but they are particularly vulnerable to suffer life-threatening injuries if T-boned. Distracted drivers are a leading cause of intersection wrecks resulting in a side-impact crash, but given that most drivers have a bad habit of “not seeing” bikers, they are by no means the only culprits.

Wrecks Caused by Drivers Changing Lanes

As a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer experienced in dealing with serious motorcycle accidents, I know that statistically speaking, the freeway is a far safer place for motorcyclists than an average city street since all the traffic is moving together in the same direction. Unfortunately, fatal accidents involving motorcycle riders remain common. Drivers often fail to check their blind spot or simply do not pay attention to smaller vehicles driving next to them and change lanes or cut across traffic to make their exit, often without warning. This frequently results in tragedy for those bikers whose path they cross.

Negligent Drivers Making a Turn

Vehicles turning in the road are a huge hazard to DFW motorcyclists for the same reasons as in highway crashes. Whether it’s a car or truck entering the road from a parking lot, doing a U-turn, or exiting the roadway, dangerous drivers do not watch out for motorcyclists. Frequently, they ignore them completely to watch other larger oncoming traffic. Tragedy strikes when they think that they have a clear right of way, when in reality they don’t.
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