Older Drivers Might Be Safest Motorists In Dallas-Fort Worth

There are a number of injury-causing traffic accidents throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area every day. As a Texas personal injury attorney, I consider it important to identify the main causes of such collisions so that we can reduce the number of people who suffer injuries. It goes without saying that drunk driving, texting while driving and speeding are among the primary contributing factors to fatal car and truck crashes throughout the metroplex. However, you might be surprised to learn that contrary to popular opinion, older drivers may actually be safer on the roads than younger middle-aged motorists.


The negative stereotype is that senior motorists lack the ability to react quickly to potential hazards. However, according to new data provided by TxDOT, the majority of older adults take care to make decisions which will avoid putting them in dangerous driving situations in the first place. Many seniors elect not to drive as busy times such as during the daily rush hours, and to avoid driving in other difficult situations including at night or during bad weather. Older drivers are also less likely to attempt to drive after drinking alcohol than any other age group.

Dangers Facing Senior Drivers In Texas

It is important that senior motorists recognize their limitations, as this is an important part of making the best decision when it comes to road safety. For example, as you get older your ability to drive well will generally decrease due to the fact that it can take longer for your brain to process the necessary information to avoid a potential hazard which could cause a wreck. As the body gets older, so it deteriorates and senses are impaired compared to younger drivers.

A study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that in a test involving elderly drivers who had failed reaction tests at high speeds, 90% of them passes satisfactorily or better simply by recusing their speed by 10 mph. This is an important lesson which can benefit all drivers, regardless of vehicle or age group: faster speeds reduce your reaction time and your ability to avoid a collision. Drive slower and you will become a safer driver and improve your chance of avoiding an accident.

Arthritis Impairs Driving Ability

Even though there are ways in which senior citizens can improve their ability to safety operate a vehicle on Dallas-Fort Worth roads, the fact remains that getting older does present its difficulties. Arthritis is a prime example of this as it can make it very painful and eventually impossible to drive a car. As you get older it is important that you recognize your new limitations and adapt accordingly to ensure you remain safe and do not cause an unnecessary danger to yourself, your passengers or other road users. If you are unsure, consult with your doctor to discuss your personal situation.

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