Seeking Compensation After Being Hit by a Drunk Driver

As a board certified Collin County personal injury, I believe that driving while intoxicated is perhaps the most antisocial of all criminal offenses. Whenever someone has been drinking and decides to attempt to drive home, they knowingly put the lives of everyone they encounter in danger. These people are not idiots, they know that driving while intoxicated is illegal and dangerous – and yet they chose to do it anyway. Over the years, I have handled a great many accident cases caused by negligent drunk drivers in Frisco and throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, and I have always pursued the maximum compensation available for my clients as aggressively as possible.
When you are injured in an automobile collision where alcohol was a factor, it should be a relatively open and shut case. Clearly, it is the drunk motorist who is at fault. In many cases, they will even have been arrested. However, the criminal and civil law remain separate, and the insurance companies are often reluctant to pay accident victims the full and fair compensation they are entitled to even when it is obviously their clients who caused the crash. As a result, you must make sure that you find yourself an attorney who will not relent until they have recovered you the maximum compensation possible from all liable insurance policies.
In truck wreck cases, the situation is even worse. Despite the fact that professional 18-wheeler drivers are held to a higher standard than other motorists because of the unique dangers created by their large and heavy vehicles, if a trucker is caught out with alcohol in their system after causing a wreck, it can still prove difficult in getting the total damages you deserve since all trucking companies have their own crash scene investigators and their insurance representatives are trained to deny, refuse and reject claims for compensation in order to preserve their profit margin. Hiring an experienced lawyer as soon as possible is critical.
Under Texas law, personal injury victims are entitled to be compensated for any and all medical treatment incurred because of injuries sustained in the accident. This includes any anticipated future costs, such as physical therapy, assisted care or medication. You are also entitled to collect damages to cover any lost income due to your hospital visit or due to your inability to work in the future.
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