Texas Crime Victim Compensation Fund Available For Drunk Driving Victims

If you have been injured in an automobile accident caused by a drunk driver, you very well may be eligible to receive compensation from a state run fund called the Crime Victims Compensation Fund. If you have been hurt by a drunk driver in Dallas or Fort Worth, you should consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to finout whether you qualify.

The Texas Crime Victims Compensation Fund is made up of various fees that all of the criminals have to pay after they are convicted.  The fund is set up for the benefit of those who are victims of violent crimes – and this includes the victims of drunk driving wrecks.  In Texas, there are over 1,400 deaths each year caused by drunk drivers.  And there are thousands more injured by those who are driving while intoxicated.

What Does Crime Victims Compensation (CVC) Cover?
In order to receive this compensation, a DWI victim must submit certain claim forms to the state.  Approved claims may be awarded for compensation for the following expenses directly related to the crime:  Medical, hospital, physical therapy and similar expenses; psychiatric counseling; lost wages due to the medical treatment; child care; lost support; funeral and burial expenses; and attorney’s fees for assistance in filing the CVC application and entertaining benefits.

Benefits Available

The maximum available benefits are $50,000.  There are exceptions to this general rule, in catastrophic injuries from a car accident (those that create a total and permanent disability) can receive an additional $75,000.

Obtaining a CVC Packet

Even though all DWI crime victims should receive a packet of information, that doesn’t mean that you will.  You might have to contact your local district attorney’s office to see if they are going to send you the packet.  Alternatively, you can contact the crime victim services division, which is part of the Texas Attorney General’s office, at 800 983 9933.

Filing a DWI Lawsuit   

The Anderson Law Firm has represented many cases where our client was the victim of drunk driving.  In all our past cases, it turns out that the victim did not qualify for the Crime Victims Compensation Fund because the insurance claim/lawsuit which we pursued on the victim ended up paying for all our clients’ medical expenses.  If all your medical expenses are taken care of, there is nothing to be reimbursed by the Crime Victims Compensation Fund.  About the only time that we see the Crime Victims Compensation Fund applicable is when we ultimately determine that there is no insurance money available to compensate our victim – and then the CVC Fund is the only option to get the bills paid.

Paying CVC Back

There is also a subrogation clause in the CVC Fund, which entitles the state to be reimbursed if it pays out funds to the crime victim and later in a civil suit money is recovered.  As such, we feel it is best for a crime victim to hold off on the Crime Victims Compensation Fund application until it is determined that there is no other possible way to be reimbursed. It is important that you consult with a board certified auto accident attorney who can explain your legal rights and help you assess your options.

Free Consultation
If you have questions about a crime victim’s compensation, please feel free to call the Anderson Law Firm at 817-294-1900 in Fort Worth, or 214-327-8000 in Dallas.

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