Hiring a Fort Worth Railroad Injury Attorney to Sue Your Employer

Here’s a harsh but true fact: When you are injured on the railroads, your loyal years of service to the company become irrelevant.

You may gave been a faithful employee to Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) or Union Pacific (UP) for twenty years - but that doesn't mean a thing once you have been injured.

It doesn't matter that you are well thought of by your supervisor or their bosses. When you become a railroad injury victim, you immediately become a potential source of loss in the eyes of your railroad employer. When it comes to recovering compensation for your railroad injury claim, you should not expect to be treated fairly by the railroad. Their objective is to settle your claim for as little money as possible – often for money which is insufficient to truly make up for the extent of damage done by your injuries.


The financial cost of being injured does not just mean the amount of medical bills incurred to treat your work-related injuries, it also includes the amount of money you've missed out on as a result being unable to work. It also means the effect your injury will have on your future potential to earn income. Additionally, Federal law includes the right to seek compensation for intangible damages, such as the physical pain and mental anguish you have suffered, as well as any disfigurements or other impairments you might have experienced.


Dealing with the Railroad Company After Being Injured On The Job

It is natural to want to trust the railroad company. After all, for years they have paid your paycheck and you have become used to thinking of yourself as part of the railroad family. Unfortunately, the claim agent assigned to you by the railroad is trained to exploit vulnerable injury victims in order to shut down your claim early, before you've had a chance to consult with a lawyer. In our experience as Dallas-Fort Worth FELA lawyers, it is never wise to let the railroad company take care of things and find out what sort of compensation they might be able to offer you.


It is always in your best interest to hire your own attorney – and the sooner, the better! That way evidence can be preserved, mistakes can be avoided, and you and your family can have a much better chance of recovering the greatest amount of compensation possible.


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