How Much Does It Cost to Hire the Anderson Law Firm?

Not a dime upfront, and nothing unless we win you the money you deserve. 

If we're successful, we charge you a percent of the money we won for you. We discuss everything before you sign a contract with us, detailing exactly what we charge and where it comes from. There's no surprises and you never pay anything out of pocket. 

We Don't Charge By the Hour

Our method comes as a surprise to a lot of people. We're not like most lawyers who charge you by the hour and who demand payment even if they lose your case.

We know that when you come to us, it's because you're hurt and in need of significant money to pay for things like medical bills, upcoming surgeries, missed work days and damages. Why would we charge you upfront during this strenuous time in your life?  During a time when you're worried about money and how you're going to pay for the accident? It simply doesn't make sense to us. 

We Front All of Our Costs

Unlike fixed fee or hourly rate lawyers, we front all of our costs for our staff, the attorneys and all the expenses that come along with filing a claim. Serious injury cases can be very expensive - we've handled cases that required us to spend tens of thousands of dollars. Not only does a contingency fee relieve you of a serious financial burden, but it also means we're going to work day and night for you to ensure we get the best outcome.

Your victory is our victory, and a contingency fee arrangement aligns our interests. Since we're fronting our fees, our attorneys and staff work tirelessly to figure out, "How can we wrap up this case quickly with the highest possible outcome?" This benefits you as a client because the faster we negotiate a fair offer, the faster you can be paid and the faster you can move past your injury. 

If you're curious to learn more about our contingency fee or what your case might cost, please give us a call. We're happy to discuss your specific situation and we're always open and honest about all costs.

How the Settlement Proceeds Are Split Up

After a settlement amount is reached, fees will be deducted for the contractual attorney's fees, case expenses, unpaid medical bills, liens and subrogation expenses. 

Before you ever agree to a settlement, you will have a very good idea what the net result of the settlement offer means to you. Our firm prepares a breakdown for your review and approval. You will also receive a copy of all checks made out to the various medical providers so you have a record that they have been paid in full.

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