How to Get Witnesses for a Car Accident

When someone, whether they're the driver or passenger, is involved in a motor vehicle accident, their mind may be running, figuring out what the best course of action is to take. Should they go to the hospital? Should they call the police? Should they get the other person’s information?

All of these questions can be answered quiet simply: yes. For someone who is in an accident, getting medical help if they are hurt is a top priority. The police should be called to create an accident report. Information should be exchanged in order to start a claim. There’s one component that car accident victims should strongly consider: what about the witnesses?

In a car accident, witnesses play a very important role. Whether you were injured or not, a witness can help sway a conflicting accident story  in your favor by helping you establish that the accident was not your fault, and it can add credibility to your personal injury case. Witness testimonies fall under the category of evidence, and rightly so. In a personal injury case, evidence is what draws the entire argument of a case together. For example, a scenario such as “Sally crashed into Billy’s car” is very simple and lacks information. On the other hand, a scenario such as “Sally was speeding and ran through a red light, t-boning Billy’s car in the process…there is footage from the intersection’s traffic camera and two witnesses confirmed this is what happened” is more likely to have a stronger case.

Five Sources to Find Witnesses From Your Accident

Now that you know how important witness testimonies can be, how can you find the witness that saw your accident take place? Here we look at five of the best sources to find witnesses from your accident.

Social Media

With social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, information can be spread with lightning speed, all from the tips of your fingers. While the great majority of people use social networking with the purpose of sharing updates, pictures, and videos to family and friends, accident victims can use social media to reach out to anyone who witnessed their accident.

One way to do this is updating their status with something like “I was just in a car accident on the corner of Blue Avenue and Red Road. If anyone witnessed the accident, please comment or message me. Any help would be appreciated.” This is perhaps the most direct way to use their social media accounts, by using a general status update. Another way social media can be used is by going to specific groups in Facebook within a region. For example, in Fort Worth there are pages and groups where people discuss current events and post things they would like to sell. In this section someone can post their accident and request for any information to be sent to their social media inbox.

Neighborhood Networking Applications

Similar to Facebook and Twitter, there are smartphone applications that are meant for people within their neighborhood to interact. For example, applications such as Nextdoor let people on the same block (and even street) to interact with one another.

To do this, download the Nextdoor application on your smartphone, create an account, find your neighborhood, and create a post in regards to your accident. Many times neighbors are willing to help you with your accident case and can easily give you their information to help with your case.

Ask Homeowners

Let’s say the accident took place twenty miles north from where you live. You don’t know anyone there, and a Nextdoor post might not get you far because it is outside of your neighborhood. How do you get a witness there? If the accident occurred at an intersection where homes are prominent, it is possible that someone inside of their home witnessed the accident taking place. Although it may be a bit of a drive back to where the accident took place, going door-to-door in a close proximity to where the wreck occurred could get you at least some piece of information.

Nearby Businesses

If your accident took place near a business, it would be a good idea to take time to ask the business owners if they have an insight with your accident. Also, it’s important to note that many business now have security surveillance cameras in and out of their building. There may be a camera, for instance, that is facing the door of their building. In the periphery of the camera’s focus, the street could be shown. Even if your accident is blurry in the camera’s periphery, something could come out of it in favor of your case. Asking the business owner to give you their information could be very helpful, in addition to them providing you with a copy of their video footage.

Traffic Camera Footage

As mentioned in other articles in regards to evidence, traffic camera footage can be a key took in a personal injury case. While the focus on traffic camera footage has been on the footage as evidence, one aspect that has not been discussed is using the camera footage to identify witnesses in the accident. If a vehicle stopped and asked if you were alright, traffic camera footage can capture that vehicle’s license plate. With the license plate information you can find the witnessed that stopped.

Usually requesting traffic camera footage through the city where the wreck occurred can be a tedious process. If you bring your case to us, we can access the traffic camera footage for you.

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