What Kind of Information is Stored on a Truck’s Computer After an Accident?

Just like airplanes, most large commercial trucks in Texas are equipped with on-board computers (sometimes called black boxes) that record on-going data about the truck's operation. These Electronic Control Modules (ECM) record a driver's hours, their speed, hard stops and seat belt usage. 

If you've been in a truck wreck in Texas and need to prove the driver's negligence, this data can be extremely helpful. However, you'll need to act quickly. Most ECMs have a max storage capacity, meaning that old data will be wiped out as new data comes in. If you wait too long to access the data, you may lose it completely. 

Obtaining the data from these black boxes isn't straightforward. I'd highly recommend consulting a personal injury attorney to help with the investigation - their knowledge and speed could make or break your case. 

If you need help with your Texas truck accident case, feel free to give me a call to discuss the situation and what immediate steps should be taken. Call 817-294-1900.

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