Injured in a Car Accident Caused by a Criminal

Car accidents occur throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex on a daily basis. While most crashes are the result of someone’s negligence, there are instances where the motorist at fault actually committed a criminal offense. Common examples of this include when the at-fault driver was driving while intoxicated, caused a fatal accident and thus is facing criminal charges of vehicular manslaughter, or was a commercial truck driver who violated the specific laws which govern the safe operation of heavy goods vehicles.


However, there are other situations where you might find yourself injured and contemplating making a personal injury or wrongful death claim against a criminal who caused your car wreck. Can you make a claim? Probably, but It depends on the specifics of your situation.


For example, there have been cases in the past where my client was injured after another person ran over them. They were left badly injured but because the act was alleged to be intentional, they were initially unable to make a claim against that person’s insurance, as auto insurance only covers unintentional accidents. However, if the at-fault person is not found guilty of their criminal charges, it will open the door for a civli suit. Most of these type cases end up with a plea to something far less than an international act. 


Accidents Caused by Fleeing Criminals

High speed police pursuits are thankfully fairly rare in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, although they do happen on occasion. Sometimes, the criminals get into wrecks with other vehicles as they are trying to get away from the chasing police. If you have been injured in a crash that resulted from police chasing a criminal, you should consult with a board certified personal injury attorney to discuss your claim in order to understand how – and against whom – you can recover compensation.


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