Injury Victim Help Center

How Much is My Case Worth?
See the many factors that go into valuing a personal injury case.

Finding the Right Lawyer for You
You need to look at several factors before you hire an injury attorney.

Injury Cases the Anderson Law Firm Accepts
We specialize in personal injury cases.

Injury Cases the Anderson Law Firm Does Not Accept
We do not handle certain types of claims.

The Three-Legged Stool Test
Every case must have liability damages and insurance.

What to do After an Accident
Don't make mistakes that could cost you later.

Accident Investigations
Learn what needs to be done after an accident to help your injury case.

Your Medical Treatment
Learn about your various options on obtaining treatment for your injuries.

Insurance Issues
There are many important steps you need to be aware of when filing a claim with an insurance company.

Insurance 101
There are many terms used in insurance claims which you don't use everyday, learn what they mean.

Medical Liens
It is surprising to most people to learn that health insurance companies and others want to put a lien on their case. Find out more.

Why You Can't Trust Insurance Companies

Personal Injury FAQs
Read answers to your frequently asked injury questions.

Car & Truck Accident FAQs
Read Answers to your frequently asked auto accident questions.

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