Is the Insurance Company Watching Me?

Is the insurance company watching me?If you are involved in a personal injury claim, there is always a chance that the insurance company for the responsible party is watching you if they are skeptical as to the legitimacy of your injury claims. Although it is uncommon for an investigator to spy on an injury victim in most cases, it does happen. At the Anderson Law Firm, we tell all of our clients to conduct their life as if they are being watched at all times. You must assume that the insurance company will investigate you and know about the things you say and do.

Social Media and the Insurance Company
Since the evolution of social media, insurance companies are especially prone to investigate you through your Facebook, twitter, blog or any other social media outlet. It only takes them a moment to look you up and it costs nothing for them to do it! They will find a way to be your friend, read your tweets and look at your pictures.

So how does social media affect your workers comp or personal injury claim? Well, if you claim to have a permanent back injury because of an accident, but recently posted pictures on Facebook of yourself snowboarding, you just hurt your claim. That's because should the insurance adjuster see these pictures, they will decide you are not as injured as you say you are.

Don't contradict the injury you are claiming by posting information on Facebook or twitter that could destroy your credibility.

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