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Injuries to children are the most devastating injuries I see as an injury attorney. They have the longest-lasting effects, both emotionally and physically. Some different types of child injury cases I typically handle are negligence at a daycare facilities, pedestrian accidents and children injured in car accidents.


Every parent hates the first time they drop their child off at daycare because someone else is then responsible for their child's safety, but it's not often that a parent considers the idea that their child could be seriously injured at daycare. Children need to be supervised at all times, especially when you are paying someone to do just that. Daycares have a high turnover rate, which makes the new employees inexperienced and overwhelmed. The combination of this inexperience with an understaffed day care can lead to negligence and to the injury of your child. Kids should never be injured as a result of an adult's negligence, especially when you trusted that adult to care for your child.


Because kids are small and usually don't look both ways when they cross the street, they are especially susceptible to being injured as a pedestrian. With texting and driving on the rise, some drivers take their eyes off of the road seconds at a time. All it takes is a few seconds for a child to step into the road and be seriously injured by a negligent driver. The same goes for when a child is injured in a car accident. These children that are hit by vehicles deserve the same, if not more, legal assistance as an adult does.   


I may be a child injury lawyer for the Irving area, but I am also a parent. I know exactly how my clients that are parents feel when they come to me feeling helpless that they can't help their child. No matter what type of injury, we will do everything in our power to make sure your child's injuries and future health is entirely compensated for.


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