J. B. Hunt Truck Accident Claims

J. B. Hunt Transport Inc. (doing business as J B Hunt) is not only one of the biggest trucking companies in the US – it is one of the major trucking companies located in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.


J. B. Hunt’s corporate headquarters are located in Arkansas, but they have eight current locations in the North Texas region, meaning they are one of the most prolific commercial carriers operating on North Texas roads.


If you or a member of your family has suffered injury or death in an auto accident involving a J. B. Hunt truck or driver, it is important that you seek legal counsel with a board certified personal injury trial attorney who has a proven track record of winning big cases against negligent trucking companies.


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J. B. Hunt Transport Inc. Company Profile

Company Headquarters:

615 J. B. Hunt Corporate Drive

Lowell, AR 7275


North Texas Locations:

5701 W. Kiest Blvd.

Dallas, TX ‎


1155 Intermodal Pkwy.

Haslet, TX


12000 Ford Rd.

Farmers Branch, TX


1231 Greenway Dr.

Irving, TX


301 Apache Trail

Terrell, TX ‎


7802 Creek Wood Dr.

Rowlett, TX


3000 E Pioneer Pkwy.

Arlington, TX


7341 Santos Dr.

Woodway, TX ‎


USDOT Number:



MC/MX/FF Numbers:



DUNS Number:



J.B. Hunt employs 13,841 drivers to operate 12,428 power units according to records held by the FMCSA as of 06/15/2014.


J. B. Hunt Transport Inc. Crash History

Crashes reported to the FMCSA which involved J. B. Hunt trucks and drivers totaled 818 for the 24 months immediately prior to 06/15/2014.


248 of these wrecks resulted in an injury.


26 resulted in a fatality.


J. B. Hunt Transport Inc. Safety Rating

The FMCSA carrier safety rating currently awarded to J. B. Hunt is that of satisfactory.



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