Will a Judge or Jury Decide My Car Wreck Case?

Who decides my case?The monetary amount you recover from your Fort Worth car accident claim can either be awarded in a settlement, or in the court room. A settlement is the agreement you make with the insurance company to accept a dollar figure in exchange for the legal promise not to sue. If a settlement is not in the cards for your car accident case, then you might need to go to court.

The accident attorneys at the Anderson Law Firm are very familiar with the Texas court system and have tried many cases in front of judges and juries.  Should you and the insurance company not reach an agreement, then your case will go to court where it will most likely be heard by a jury. It is possible that your case could be tried with only a judge deciding, but most of the time full jury will hear your case. If either side elects for the case to be heard by a jury, then a small fee is paid and a jury will be the decision maker.

What's the jury looking for?

The jury in your auto accident case will first determine if the defendant, (the person you are suing,) is liable for your injuries. Then, they will look at several things to determine the amount you should receive in damages, including:
  • Your medical bills: How much it has cost to treat you and how much your continued treatment will be
  • Lost income: If you have been unable to work because of your accident injuries, the jury will take this into account when deciding your case
  • Pain and suffering: Strong evidence supporting the amount of pain you've endured because of your accident injuries could increase the amount you are awarded by the jury

Contact a Board Certified Personal Injury Lawyer

If you think you could have a nasty battle with the insurance company over your accident injuries, call a car injury attorney like those at the Anderson Law Firm. Although, we are able to settle out of court for a large number of our clients, we are not "settling" lawyers. The attorneys at our firm will not be bullied by the insurance company to take a low dollar amount and are ready and experienced in the court room. Call us today if you have an injury case that you think may need to be decided by a judge or jury. 817-294-1900

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