Will Making A Personal Injury Claim Hurt the Other Party?

Some Dallas-Fort Worth injury victims aren't sure if they want to make a claim because they're afraid of offending the other party. "The accident was a mistake," they say, often visualizing themselves in the other person's shoes. 

We fully understand this concern; it's a compassionate consideration. However, most injury attorneys in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex won't take a case unless the person at-fault has insurance, Anderson Law Firm included. We don't have any interest in suing someone without insurance. So will making a claim against the other party hurt them? No, it won't. They've been paying for insurance for a reason, and that insurance company will compensate you for your injuries and damages.

Filing a Claim Against Someone You Know

You should file a claim against whoever was responsible for causing the accident. This is not uncommon: we see injured accident victims file claims against their family, relatives, and friends. Even though on an insurance policy it may appear that you cannot make a claim against someone in the same policy, the law states otherwise: the law mandates for every driver to have car insurance to protect against their negligence in the case of an accident. Ultimately, yes, you can file a claim against your friend, but remember, it is only an insurance claim- money won’t come out of your friend’s pocket for the claim (that is why they have insurance, who will pay for the claim). Your friends’ insurance company will contact them informing them of the situation, but that’s about it. Your friend’s insurance company will take care of your claim, and if needed, it is the insurance company who would be pursued for compensation by an attorney, not your friend.


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