Locked-In Syndrome Caused by a Serious Accident

Locked-in syndrome is perhaps the most tragic of all injuries which might be caused by a car crash or other serious accident. Locked-in syndrome is so-called because it effectively imprisons the victim within their own body. They are physically incapable of any type of movement, yet they are not brain dead. As such, they must not only come to terms with being seriously injured – but also knowing that despite the fact they are mentally the same as they were prior to their accident, they will never return to their former physical self.


If a member of your family has suffered locked-in syndrome as a result of a traffic collision or indeed any other type of accident, it is a good idea to consult with a board certified Dallas-Fort Worth personal injury lawyer with experience in traumatic brain injury (TBI) cases. If their accident was someone else’s fault, you may be entitled to considerable compensation.


What causes locked-in syndrome?

Locked-in syndrome resulting from various types of accidents is the result of head trauma. It can be caused by either a blunt impact to the head (such as hitting the windshield) or a penetrative wound (such as being accidentally shot in the skull). Specifically, locked-in syndrome is caused by injuries to the vertical pons area of the brain; the area which controls the body’s voluntary movements.


Not all examples of locked-in syndrome are necessarily caused by the initial impact trauma. Many times, locked-in syndrome occurs later on as a result of a brain hemorrhage caused by the trauma. In these cases, it may be more difficult for a brain injury lawyer to prove that the car wreck was the cause of the locked-in syndrome, but with the aid of expert doctors it is possible to hold the negligent party and their insurance company financially liable.


Long-Term Consequences of Locked-In Syndrome

There is no cure for locked-in syndrome, it is a permanent condition. It does, however, mean that the patient will require constant round-the-lock care. In place of medical treatment per se, there is a need for support-oriented care involving such duties as providing the patient with nutrition through a feeding tube, cleaning them, preventing bed sores (pressure ulcers), establishing a means of communication (locked-in sufferers usually still have the ability to control their eye movements), and so on.


In attrition to the practical demands put on the family of a locked-in syndrome, there are also the enormous financial costs associated with their on-going care which they will require for the rest of their life. Even if you have great health insurance, these costs alone will be huge. The economic impact on your household will be even worse if the accident victim was formerly the chief breadwinner for your family.


Potential Compensation for Victims of Locked-In Syndrome

People who have been in car accidents that have resulted in one or several injuries typically recover, receive rehabilitative or therapeutic services, and continue their lives in their normal routines. However, for severe car accidents where someone is left in life-changing conditions, their world is changed in very different ways, and the possibilities for the victim and their family to receive compensation is far greater. For example, say there is a scenario where someone has a job, pays their household's bills, takes vacations, and has to drive to their job. If that person is severely injured in a car accident to the point that they are left in terrible conditions, their entire world changes. That person's family can hire a personal injury attorney to represent them against the at-fault driver's insurance company. Potential compensation in this scenario can include compensation for lost wages, inability to work, medical bills, loss of consortium, loss of enjoyment of life, physical and emotional pain and suffering, loss of employment, and so much more.

This is why we encourage the family of the victim with locked-in syndrome as a result of a car accident to hire a personal injury attorney. Many times, the at-fault driver's insurance company would typically offer a settlement to the victim's family. However, little do they know that the offer by the insurance company is actually far less what the family should actually be receiving. It is not uncommon for personal injury attorneys to fight for compensation from the insurance company that is five or even ten times what the insurance company planned on offering them. If a family member or loved one has been in a severe car accident and their physical abilities have been greatly altered, please feel free and contact our law firm today, there may be compensation available that may help their family greatly.


Before You do Anything – Talk to a Dallas-Fort Worth Lawyer

Understanding your legal rights to compensation is critical before you enter into any time of conversation with the at-fault party’s insurance company. Failure to recover the maximum damages available to your family under Texas law can have a devastating effect on both your injured loved one and the financial wellbeing of your family as a whole.


Call the Anderson Law Firm today for a completely free, no obligation consultation with a board certified Dallas-Fort Worth personal injury and wrongful death attorney who has substantial experience in helping victims of traumatic brain injuries. We promise to treat you and your family with the dignity you deserve, and to fight the insurance company as aggressively as necessary to ensure you receive the maximum compensation available.


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