Loss of Enjoyment of Life

After a catastrophic injury, most accident victims in Fort Worth only view the immediate physical damage the accident caused. They focus on healing and how they will pay for their medical bills, but what if your injury changes the rest of your life? Will your injuries result in loss of enjoyment in your life?

Let's say you love to play tennis and suffer a severe spinal cord injury in an automobile accident.  If you can't use your legs for the rest of your life, don't you think you deserve to be compensated for that loss?

The personal injury lawyers at the Anderson Law Firm in Fort Worth believe that you should be compensated for that loss.  When a personal injury changes your life dramatically, you need to seek justice by filing a personal injury claim.

What Does Loss Of Enjoyment Mean?

Loss of enjoyment refers to the limitations your accident injuries cause in your life.  Being unable to play with your kids because a drunk driver hit you and caused you to be paralyzed, being unable to play the sports that you used to, being unable to get a good night's rest because of your neck pain - these are all examples of loss of enjoyment of life. Loss of enjoyment is considered a type of damage, and if you file a personal injury claim in Fort Worth, you may be able to receive compensation for it.

What Are Some Examples Of Loss Of Enjoyment?

Some of the most common examples of loss of enjoyment include:


  • Bad health
  • Difficulty from the loss of a limb
  • Loss of one or more senses
  • Inability to play sports and participate in physical activities
  • Decreased interest in social activities
  • Loss of the ability to fall asleep, stay asleep and get enough rest
  • Anxiety and depression stemming from your accident injuries

It's Not Just Physical, It's Mental, Too

Accident injuries affect not only your body, but your mind as well. Serious accidents can cause severe depression and anxiety that will affect your mental well-being. The injuries you sustained are often the trigger for these mental conditions. If after your car accident you have serious anxiety while driving, or you feel constantly depressed after you were injured in a motorcycle accident, this will affect your enjoyment of life and should be considered in your personal injury claim.

Contact an Attorney

Even the smallest injuries can affect your life forever. If you were in an accident caused by the negligence of another and are now experiencing loss of enjoyment of life because of the injuries you sustained in that accident, you should contact the Anderson Law Firm at 817-294-1900. Our lawyers understand how easily injuries affect your daily activities and your mental well-being. We will fight for your rights to gain compensation for your injuries, medical bills and your pain and suffering. Call us or contact us online to set up your free case consultation.

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