Main Causes of Auto Accidents in Dallas-Fort Worth

As a Fort Worth personal injury and wrongful death lawyer, I know that no matter how good, safe or courteous a driver you might be, no-one is immune from the risk of suffering a serious injury in a traffic collision. Novice fliers are often told that they are much more likely to be in a serious car wreck than in an airplane crash, and that’s true. According to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) in 2010 there were 82,685 people seriously injured in Texas car accidents and a further 3,023 people killed.
Almost every serious multi-vehicle collision is the result of dangerous driving. Some of the most common causes in the Dallas-Fort Worth area include speeding, tailgating, drunk driving, distracted driving.



It seems like everyone is in a rush all the time, but speed limits are in force for the very good reason that if you exceed them you putting both your life and others’ lives in danger. All it takes is for a sudden hazard to such as a stalled truck or a child running out into the road and you’ve put yourself in a situation where a dangerous accident is all but inevitable. Since a vehicle traveling far over the recommended speed limit is going to create an impact of far greater force, such a crash typically means significant property damage and bodily injuries. The situation is even worse if you are hit by a large tractor trailer or other truck which has been speeding. Since semis often weigh around 80,000 lbs, the results are often catastrophic.


This is the name given to the practice of following too closely behind other vehicles. In most cases, tailgaters are impatient drivers who would be speeding would it not be for getting stuck behind a slower vehicle (although sometimes the tailgating motorist is genuinely oblivious to their bad habit). Tailgating is dangerous because if the driver in front was forced to brake suddenly, there is no way that the tailgater would be able to stop in time to avoid a collision. If the tailgating vehicle is following too closely behind a bigger commercial vehicle such as an 18-wheeler truck or a charter bus, it’s quite likely that the CDL driver is not even aware of them. Rear-end accidents in these cases often result in serious under-ride injuries.

Drunk Driving

Everybody knows that driving while intoxicated is illegal – and yet alcohol-related car wrecks occur through the DFW area on an almost daily basis. According to TxDOT, drunk drivers were responsible for a total of 1,075 fatalities on Texas roads in 2010. This is more than one third of all traffic deaths for the year.

Distracted Driving

A growing problem, particularly among teenagers and business people, distracted driving is primarily a result of using a cellphone or other electronic device when you should be concentrating on the road, but it also includes such distractions  as eating while driving, applying makeup, reading, riding with a pet in your lap, etc.
No matter what negligent activity was responsible for you suffering your injuries, if you weren’t’ at fault for your wreck, then you have a right to make a claim for compensation. You may be entitled to compensation. To speak to a board certified lawyer today, please call Ft. Worth 817-294-1900.
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