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If you've been injured in a Dallas-Fort Worth car wreck or motorcycle accident, the personal injury claims process is relatively straightforward. You make a claim against the at-fault motorist's insurance policy, and their insurance pays for your damages and injuries. 

Dog attack compensation cases work in very much the same way. A claim is filed against the dog owner's home insurance company. The individual won't have to pay you out of their own pocket; their insurance provider does that. 

However, a lot of dog attack victims are hesitant to make a claim. This is usually because they know the dog's owner and - despite their injuries - don't want to cause any bad blood between them.

This is understandable, albeit irrational. If someone else's dog bites you, why should you have to pay for your medical expenses? The dog's owner has already been paying their insurance premiums anyway. You might as well use it!

It's important to note that making a claim against someone's home insurance policy won't raise their rates. Home insurance is determined by the area the home is located in, not on whether any claims have been made using the policy in the past. You will not be costing the owner any money by making a claim against their home insurance policy.

All this information is important to understand because the majority (61 percent, according to the CDC) of dog attacks occur in familiar surroundings, so it's quite likely that if you're attacked by a dog, you'll know the owner. 

No matter who the dog's owner was, you have the legitimate right to make a claim to recover compensation you are entitled to under Texas law.

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