Injured by Retail Display Hooks


Sometimes, the most mudane objects can cause the most damage. 

As an injury attorney, some of the most startling retail accidents I see are those involving display hooks. Usually these hooks are part of a slatwall or pegboard display and allow the store to hang merchandise in clear view. Display hooks are everywhere, particularly along walls, and usually we don't give them a second thought. Unfortunately, for people (particularly children) who've fallen into these hooks, the danger becomes all too clear.

Impalement Injuries from Display Hooks

The reason retail display bars cause such a hazard is by the way they're cut - if you look, you can see the wire used to make them is sliced with a blunt end. If ever someone trips and falls into the display, this blunt end can easily pierce the skin. 

In order to minimize impalement injuries, some display hook manufacturers have changed the ends of their hooks: some display hooks have rounded ends in place of the blunt-cut, while others have an end that points downward and away from the customer. These modifications make a difference, but they're up to the discression of the retailer to install them. 

Children and Display Hooks

Children are the most at-risk group for injury involing retail display hooks, mostly because hooks are at eye-level for children. Eye injuries are a possibility, as are snagging and lacerations.

One of the big problems with these hooks is their size. Since the blunt end of them has a small surface area, when someone falls against it there's an insufficient surface area to distribute pressre and prevent injury. The American Society of Safety Engineers comments on this very issue, saying "Only 10 pounds of impact force from a blunt-end wire hook generates penetrating pressures greater than 500 lb per square inch."

In other words, even a little pressure can cause serious injury. 

Hurt By a Display Hook?

This isn't a very common injury, which is why you might have trouble finding everything you need to know online. First, if you're injured, see a doctor. Then, if you believe the store is to blame for your display hook accident, you should consult a personal injury attorney with experience in the retail sector. A lawyer can discuss your unique situation and to understand your legal right to compensation. 

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