What You Need to Know About Neck & Back Sprains & Strains

Some of the most common injuries experienced by car accident victims in the Dallas, Fort Worth area are sprain or strain of the neck and back muscles and ligaments.

A sprain is an injury that affects ligaments, which are thick bands of cartilage that attach bone to bone. A sprain is the result of a stretched or torn ligament. Sprains can cause bruising, swelling and pain.
Neck SprainA strain is an injury that affects muscles or tendons, which are thick bands that attach muscles to bones. Pain and muscle spasm can occur with a strain, which is the result of a quick tear or pull of the muscle.

It is very common to experience sprains and strains in the neck and back. In a rear-end car accident, for example, the victim is slung backward and forward with a great force. This movement can stretch or pull the muscles in the neck and back. The pain and swelling associated with sprains and strains may not be immediately felt; sometimes car accident victims experience the most severe pain two or three days after the accident. When a muscle or ligament is damaged, bleeding can occur, which appears as bruising on the skin. The muscles around the injured muscle or ligament will often go into spasm, and tight knots can be felt around the injured area.

Doctors can frequently diagnose sprains and strains with a physical examination. If a car accident victim seeks treatment at the emergency room, x-rays will usually be taken to make sure that no bones have been fractured. If a patient is diagnosed with a sprain or strain, there are a couple of things he or she can do to help treat the injury. It is important to rest the injured area and place ice on it to minimize swelling.

Back StrainOf course, not all sprains and strains can heal quickly with just rest at home. It is often necessary to seek physical therapy to return the sprained or strained muscles and tendons to a pre-injury state. As they heal from the injury, muscles, tendons and ligaments repair the fibers or fill in the damaged area with scar tissue. This scar tissue can cause pain and tightness in the neck and back, and often chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy exercises can help work through these painful areas. Doctors can also prescribe muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory medications to reduce swelling, as well as pain killers. Minor sprains and strains can heal themselves within a couple of days, while more severe sprains and strains may take several weeks to heal.

If you or a loved one in the Arlington or Fort Worth area have experienced sprains or strains or another injury as the result of another person's negligence, you have the right to be compensated for your medical treatment and pain and suffering. The Tarrant County personal injury lawyers at the Anderson Law Firm provide FREE initial consultations, so call now for your case consultation.

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