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Though most of us try to avoid following too closely behind a loaded truck, sometimes it's out of our control. Unfortunately, trucks hauling cargo that isn't properly secured or over the legal weight limit can cause accidents, leaving victims hurt, wronged and wondering where to turn. 

When a Truck's Cargo Doesn't Follow Regulations

Unfortunately, Dallas-Fort Worth sees its fair share of highway truck collisions, many caused by improper cargo loading. In Texas, trucking companies are obligated to properly secure their cargo. If they try to overload their trucks to save money or do a hurried job of checking that everything's properly tied down, their trailers can be thrown off balance and flip. This, of course, can lead to serious highway wrecks, injuries and even fatalities. 

Trucking companies and their drivers are responsible for ensuring that these kinds of accident don't happen. Those who violate cargo protocol can be held liable for causing an accident (meaning they can be sued). 

Consult a Texas Personal Injury Attorney to Help Build Your Case

When an 18-wheeler has an improperly secured load that falls and causes a wreck, the first order of business is to figure out who's fault it was. Did the driver do their pre-trip safety inspection? Was the trucking company complying with the federal rules about load size and weight? If not, the victim can sue them for their negligence.

If you were hurt in a Texas truck accident because the trucker didn't properly secure their cargo, you have rights. Call me today for a free, no-obligation consultation. We'll discuss your options and if you have a case, and I'll shoot you straight and let you know what's the best path for you to take. 

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