Parents Should Be Aware of Afterschool Hazards

School busses may serve to safely transport our children to and from school, but they can actually put our children in a dangerous situation. Larger school districts in the Dallas-Fort Worth area don't have enough busses to accommodate the number of students they have, so they have to cram too many students onto one bus. As a result, some kids have to sit in the aisle or practically in the laps of other students. The back emergency exit is usually blocked as well because of this.


If this bus were to get into an accident, it would be extremely difficult for the kids to get out of the emergency exits or to even move. As parents, we need to ensure that school districts are doing everything to keep our children safe. If more busses need to be purchased in order to accommodate a growing school district, then the school district needs to find a way to make it happen. Bus accidents rarely happen, but when they do, they can cause serious injuries or death to those on board.


Negligent bus drivers can sometimes be at fault for serious school bus accidents. Falling asleep, eating or being on the phone can serve as huge distractions for the bus driver. They keep his or her attention not only off of the road, but also off of the hundred children on the bus. If a negligent bus driver is at fault for an accident that your child was in, it can be treated just like any other accident in terms of pursuing a personal injury claim.


Even once kids get off of the bus, they can also face equal dangers. Busses usually do not drop kids off right in front of their house, so they have to walk home from the bus stop. This creates the potential for pedestrian accidents. Distracted driving is at an all time high, which makes motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists more vulnerable to an accident on a daily basis. Small children can be just out of a driver's view, or they could be walking on a sidewalk and be hit by a distracted driver. We need to teach kids street safety so that they can be on the lookout for these negligent drivers.


A school environment is supposed to be a safe place where your children are not put in harm's way, but just the nature of a school bus can cause issues. Even if it's not an accident, walking home after getting off of the bus creates the potential for your little one to be hit by an unsafe driver. Meeting your child at the bus stop or teaching them basic street safety could keep them safe.


As much as I hope I never have any clients whose children are hurt because of a bus accident or hurt on their walk home, I'm here when those incidents happen.


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