Compensation for Passengers Injured in Left-Turn Car Wrecks

Were you – or someone you love – injured as a passenger in a left-turn car wreck? If so, you are probably entitled to compensation related to your bodily injuries, crash-related medical care, lost income and other costs. Call our Fort Worth law firm today to take advantage of your free consultation with one of our experienced Fort Worth accident lawyers.


Generally, any time a passenger is injured in a traffic collision, they have a right to make a claim for damages. Since the passenger by definition was not operating either of the vehicles involved in a wreck, they cannot be found at fault. This means they have a legal right under Texas law to make a claim for compensation against all negligent parties.


Note that this does include the driver of the vehicle that they were riding in. It is very common for injured passengers to sue their driver – even in situations where that means making a claim against their own parent, spouse or other family member – or a friend, coworker, etc.


Although it understandable that you might be hesitant to make such a claim, if another person was injured or suffered damage to their vehicle in the wreck, then your driver will have a claim made against them regardless. Also, making an insurance claim is going to be the only way that you will avoid having to pay all of your expensive hospital bills out of your own pocket.


Compensation Owed to a Passenger Injured in Left-Turn Car Wreck

Fort Worth car accidents involving one car that was making a left are nearly always the fault of the driver attempting to make said turn. Generally, the driver was either trying to make an illegal left-hand turn or else misjudged the speed of oncoming traffic, causing their own vehicle to be hit broadside. In these situations, the turning driver would be deemed at fault for failing to yield to the oncoming cars, or otherwise attempting to make an unsafe maneuver. Regardless, their passenger cannot legally be held accountable in any way, so the passenger has the right to make a claim.


Instances of shared liability may be possible in cases where the oncoming vehicle that hit the left-turning vehicle was speeding, distracted or intoxicated at the time of the collision, but it is important to realize that the left-turning driver will be mostly to blame since they are the one who failed to yield to coming traffic.


Whatever the situation of your personal injury accident, if you were a passenger injured in a Fort Worth car wreck, you have a right to recover compensation from the insurance company.



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