Are You Covered For Accident Injuries? Learn About Personal Injury Protection

Whenever a new client hires me as their personal injury lawyer following their Dallas car accident, one of the first things I investigate is what insurance is available concerning the wreck. In Texas, motorists are required by law to have a state minimum liability policy, but depending on the nature of the injuries sustained in the accident, we often need to seek compensation from additional insurance policies which vary according to each individual crash.

One of the best ways to cover yourself is to purchase PIP insurance. This stands for Personal Injury Protection. PIP coverage is not mandatory in Texas, although as an experienced traffic crash attorney I highly recommend it. Whenever you take out a new auto insurance policy, your insurance provider (Geico, Farmers, State Farm, Progressive, etc) is obligated to offer you PIP. Typically you will get a refusal form in the stack of paperwork that they'll mail you with your policy details. In order to decline the PIP coverage you must sign and return the form, otherwise your insurance provider must add the coverage to your existing policy at the appropriate additional cost. The extra money you'll pay on your monthly premiums is certainly worth it. Obviously no one wants to be in a collision, let alone seriously injured, but should the worst in fact happen, the PIP can go a long way to helping you pick up the pieces as we can file a claim against the policy to help cover your hospital bills, loss of income and the pain and suffering you have endured as a result of your accident-related injuries.


The good thing about Personal Injury Protection is that even if you were the driver at fault for the wreck, or if both drivers were found to be equally negligent - even if it was a single vehicle collision - the PIP policy will still pay out.

However, filing a claim for damages against your own insurance policy can sometimes turn ugly. Even though you might legally be entitled to seek this compensation, the insurance company will still instinctively try to protect their profits and will try to give you a lowball offer or delay making the payment altogether. It is really unfair to be treated this way by your own insurance company if you've been a loyal customer for years, diligently paying your premiums month after month, but that's the way it is. Insurance companies are a business. When it comes down to the wire, they'll pick profits over people every time.

Hiring a board certified personal injury trial lawyer who knows how the insurance companies work can often be essential. Not only dos it level the playing field, but it also takes a great deal of stress off yourself as you already have enough on your plate focusing on recovering and trying to continue paying the bills even while you're on sick leave. The emotional turmoil of going up against your own insurance company is stress you don't need, so let a professional handle the adjustor for you. Give us a call today, hear what we've got to say.


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