Settling a Personal Injury Claim for Maximum Compensation Without Going to Trial

No one ever wants to be involved in a car accident which leaves them seriously injured with a wrecked vehicle in desperate need of repair. No one ever wants this. Unfortunately, catastrophic auto collisions occur throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex on a daily basis. If you have been badly hurt in a traffic crash that wasn’t your fault, however, you may be entitled to compensation. In order to improve your chance of successfully resolving your claim for the maximum possible damages, it is important that you hire a board certified personal injury attorney who has successfully handled thousands of car crash injury claims throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth region.


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Will I Have to Go to Court in Order to Win Maximum Compensation?

Once you have chosen the lawyer that you have decided is best for your case, your chances of resolving your claim for a fair and just settlement amount is increased exponentially. According to research conducted by the insurance industry, car crash victims who hire an attorney typically recover 350 percent more compensation than if they handled their claim on their own.


A good lawyer will gather as much compelling evidence as is available to demonstrate that it was the other driver whose negligence was responsible for causing the wreck. With a good attorney on your side, a solid case can be built to persuade the liable insurance company to settle your claim without taking your case to court. The better the case you make, the greater the chance that you can resolve a case without going into litigation because the insurance company is scared that if your case goes before a jury they could stand to lose substantially more money.


Unfortunately, sometimes the only way that you can recover the maximum compensation available to you is by taking the insurance company to court – and winning. For this reason, it is important that the law firm you hire has board certified personal injury trial lawyers that are experienced in trying cases should the need arise. If you do wind up having to take your case to trial, then it’s important that your attorney has a background of success in trying injury cases in front of a jury. Our lawyers do.


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