Should I Sign a Medical Authorization in Texas?

First, let's define what medical authorization means. A medical authorization provided to the insurance company gives it the ability to get all kinds of information related to your medical history.  It's very invasive because signing a medical authorization allows the insurance company to go digging in your medical history. It means the insurance company will have access to all of your medical records dating back to birth. So if you broke your arm when you were 12, take sleeping medicine or went to the chiropractor a few months before the accident, the insurance company will know.

Why does the insurance adjuster want access to my old medical records?

The insurance company wants to snoop through your medical history because they are looking for medical evidence that will give them an excuse to give you less money in your accident claim. Embarrassing or confidential information in your medical records, even if it has nothing to do with your current accident injury, is fair game for the insurance company to use against you if you sign a medical authorization.

What will the insurance adjuster say to get me to sign over my medical records?

Beware of the wolf in sheep's clothes. The insurance company will tell you that they are going to take care of everything for your claim, that they are on your side. They'll tell you they are going to save you time and money - all they need are your medical bills and records, just sign the medical authorization and the claim will be closed to over. Don't believe them.

Why should the insurance company get access to all of your medical records? They don't need to know all of your information.


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