Motorcycle Accident Injuries: Spinal Cord Injuries

Many motorcycle accidents which occur within the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex result in severe injuries requiring hospitalization. Usually, the injuries caused by bike wrecks are immediately self-evident and obviously, but there are some situations where the injuries may not seem substantial at first, although they can get considerably worse with time. Neck and back trauma are typical examples of this. A rider might not feel their injuries are too serious initially, but over time the pain grows worse and they go back to the doctor only to learn that they have suffered spinal cord damage.

In instances where the true nature of an injury is not immediately evident, it is important to remember that in Texas there is a two year deadline in which to settle your personal injury claim or file a lawsuit. As a personal injury attorney, I always encourage my clients to wait until we know the full extent of their injuries before we accept a settlement from the insurance company. If you don't know the true impact your injuries will have on you in the future, you shouldn't accept any payment because once you settle your claim, that's the end of it. You can't go back to the insurance company later to complain that your condition has gotten worse, if your claim has been settled, that's it.

Spinal cord injuries (SCI) which are not initially evident typically occur in motorcyclists aged 50 or older, but of course this is not exclusive. Symptoms might initially be neck or lower back pain. Many injury victims hope in vain that the pain will subside, but if you have been involved in a crash, you should always seek medical attention immediately as failure to contact a doctor now can seriously damage your claim for compensation later. An orthopedic surgeon or neurologist will normally be able to identify signs of disc herniation, spinal cord injury or disc bulge quite easily.

Common symptoms caused by cervical, thoracic or lumbar disc injury might include constant but varying pain. Typically, this pain will radiate down the patient's extremities like hot water, although the level of pain might change depending on the individuals' physical activities or position. Numbness is another frequently experienced sensation which might point to serious SCI. This usually occurs within the patient's hands, feet, fingers and toes.

In the most extreme cases, spinal cord injuries can result in permanent paralysis. While always very serious, there are different degrees of paralysis which can occur following a motorcycle accident. Quadriplegia occurs if the neck area spinal cord is damaged. This can cause all four limbs to become paralyzed. If the spinal cord is damaged lower down the back, below the neck, then paraplegia can occur, paralyzing both legs and the abdomen to some degree. In any situation where paralysis occurs, the injury victims will require a lifetime of assistance and medical care.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a motorcycle collision, it is very important that you consult with a board certified personal injury and wrongful death attorney who can help you understand your personal situation and what your legal rights are. Mark Anderson has been helping injured riders across the North Texas region since 1991. Mark wrote the book on Texas motorcycle accidents, and offers him book complimentary to motorcycle accident victims in the DFW area. For a free, no obligation with the Anderson Law Firm please call toll free at 800-354-MARK (6275) or locally at either Fort Worth 817-294-1900 or Dallas 214-327-8000.

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