Making a Personal Injury Claim Against Your Spouse

car wreck by spouse in fort worth

Car wrecks aren't ever good news, but we all know how to handle them. Collect the information of the other driver, determine who's at fault and start an insurance claim

But what happens if the at-fault driver was your spouse? And what if you were injured as a result of the wreck? Should you still make a claim against their (your own) insurance? Will it hurt you? 

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Making a Claim Against Your Spouse in Texas

If you were injured as a passenger while your spouse was driving (and the accident was their fault), Texas law allows you to make a claim for compensation against them. 

This isn't meant to be malicious and in fact, it's fairly common. As a personal injury attorney, I can't tell you the number of times my clients have made a claim against their spouses. Most often, a married couple are riding together  when one causes a wreck. Instead of paying the bill out of pocket, they use their insurance. It's why we purchase insurance in the first place, isn't it? 


Why You Should Make a Claim Against Your Spouse

After an auto accident, it's easy for the bills to pile up. You might be missing work, you have doctor's appointments, perhaps a hospital bill, not to mention the damage to your car. It's in your best interest to make an insurance claim, even if it's against your own spouse. That’s why you’ve paid your premiums all these months, so that you don’t have to pay for the wreck out of your own pocket.

If you've been hurt in Fort Worth and you're still unsure about the consequences, please feel free to give me a call. It doesn't cost anything to set up a consultation or to ask questions. I can be reached at 817-294-1900. 



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